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Chimney Cleaning – This Is How We Do It

There are so many chimney cleaning companies out there today. The prices are all over the board so what do you as a home owner do? Should you hire the cheapest one out there? Should you hire the most expensive? Let me guide you through this major mess.

Bottom line is there are sweeps and chimney companies. You want to find a sweep and I will tell you why. There are now no laws or guidance that force a company providing chimney services to get licensed or anything like that. There are however organisations that a company can join. There are tests that are required to be taken. The CSIA is such an organisation and anyone can not just join. One has to take a certification test. Once the test is passed and the fees are paid. That person can carry the name chimney sweep with them. You want to find one of these people.

Not just any chimney sweeper though. You want to find a chimney sweeper that takes pride in their work. One that will treat your chimney like it was their father’s chimney. Now that is the difficult part. How are you going to do that. I have a simple answer. To ask questions to the chimney sweepers. Ask them for references rest assured all chimney sweeps have a long list of them. contact these references do not just take the sweeps word for it. check up on them. Make sure they are valid. Ask these people many questions about their work. Did the sweep leave a mess behind? If the skilled sweep left a mess that is a sure tell sign they do not take pride in their work! If they do not take pride in their work you do not want them at your home working on your chimney trust me on this!

You can also ask the sweep if they have any before and after pictures of their chimney work. A chimney sweep that takes pride in their work will have a portfolio and be happy to show off their work as they are proud of it. A chimney sweep who is not proud of there work will tell you they will email you there pictures. Great sweeps think alike trust me on what I tell you. Do these things I mention and you will surely be on the right track. Once you find a chimney sweep that you like keep them.

Lastly, for the love of god have your chimney cleaned and inspected yearly so you won’t have a chimney fire, Thank you.


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